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TYRIQ is a African-American Chicago-based Vocalist/Musician and Actor. He's worked with the likes of 2x Grammy Awarding producer "Keith Harris" as his musical director for the #faceforwardproject here in Chicago, has opened for Local Chicago Artist "Erthe St. James" at city winery, and has recently been apart of the gospel choir called "music in the key of Chicago". As a Performer, TYRIQ has performed at various Main places and stages such as Reggies Rock Club, City Winery, The 28th African Caribbean Jerk,Seafood, and Vegan Festival, Second City, Culture "live", Next Showcase stages,Persona, and Lollapalooza. As well as local stages like Day21, Door 10, Aces Cafe, and many more. As an actor, he has performed in a D2 project play called U&I and devised piece for the People of Color project at Columbia Colleg Chicago. TYRIQ Also has 2 singles currently out called Nostalgic Mind ft. Charlie-Curtis Beard (prod. Jack Kapson and Charlie-Curtis Beard) and Love Reigns (prod. Jack Kapson). TYRIQ's main music genres are Jazz,Gospel, Blues, Funk, R&B and currently plays the Alto Saxophone and the Piano. With a Focus in Vocal Performance and Minor in Acting, He truly values growth, love, passion, longevity, stability, acknowledgement, and teaching others.

Main Mission Statement:  I look to create art for others and for longevity moves for myself mainly. Building and creating opportunities for other great artist is also what I love to do and to give great content and body of work for others as well. Music is my heartbeat, Acting is my therapy, and teaching brings me joy. Love what you do, Be your best, and Do all you can. Much Love.

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